The job hunt is over…

For Tatum that is…

Yes, we do go to Trader Joe’s quite often. In fact, when we first enter the glass kingdom de Joe, Tatum’s name is heard around the store. She’s here! Seriously, it’s pretty sick. Me? I’m pretty invisible.

Before we even arrived at TJ’s, music class was a blast with Mary. The kiddos danced in the middle and we circled them with the colorful elastic. IMG_1190

Then Tot got to reel it in….IMG_1193 IMG_1194
And done. Good times there at Musicology. She is truly the ham of all hams.

So, we get to Trader Joe’s, and Alisha, who is behind the sample station, says, “Tatum, I made this for you!” What!?

My first thought is PHEW! She has a job! I don’t have to worry. Upon this, I wiped my brow, had a sip of mini cup TJ coffee and thank God for my Tater Tot who knows how to run the place basically. They comment that she always returns her cart, greets everyone by name, always says thank you for my snack, and unloads the groceries onto the shelf naming each item. It’s no wonder she’ll be the star employee one day!IMG_1198Where does the time go? But at least she’s set occupationally. Discount, here I come!

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