I love this girl so much. Loving someone this much, unconditionally, takes no work when it comes to Tatum. My daughter, my sweet little girl, absolutely knocks my knickers off. So, I might not wear knickers, but if I did, they’d be flying off into outer space with the amount of awe I have for this kiddo. She actually reminds of a juicy grape. But, she did not start out that way.

IMG_1178This little raisin has been producing more plumpness as time has gone on. Now, what is it that makes me crazy about her? Our negotiations. I have become the prime negotiator as she usually has to have her way. (I know..a little girl wanting her way. Whoda thunk!?) For example, every single morning, we have to decide what will come first: Coti going out, her baba or the morning “ride.” When we finally get to her ride,….well, I should say morning push because she doesn’t really “ride” the bike quite yet….she sports her grapey little jacket. It keeps her cozy warm as she learns to turn right and left and not run into the wall. Ha!IMG_1202Then, there are the lessons. She wants to please! We discuss the desired behavior incessantly. Tatum, you will listen and honor your teacher. Of course, she knows that she must obey if she wants a big smile from mommy. But more importantly, she is learning the concept of respect. Today, she wanted to wear these grape-colored Cressi Crabs. They sure helped her see more clearly. Wouldn’t it be great if all we needed was a pair of grape Cressi’s to be able to see the clear picture?

Tatum, FOCUS! (sometimes I have to remind her)IMG_1205

Then, of course there is the little shopper’s need to empty the basket and hand and name each item to the cashier. (Hopefully, it’s Kevin, her favorite TJ’s employee).IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1210She finishes, pushes in the tray, returns her cart and rushes to get her stickers. This kiddo has it down.

Every single solitary day, I understand how fruit is produced. Pruning must occur. As John 15 points out that without the struggle and the pruning of some challenges , plump juicy grapes could not be produced on the vine. So is it with raising Tot. We fall forward every day as we work through being the best we can be (with what God has given us!) Some may wonder what it is that makes me so crazy about her? Well, just hang around her for more than one second, and you’ll see why. She’s charming, funny, creative, and will keep you on your toes! She’s as sweet as a bunch of grapes. And the great thing? This little orb continues to get more and more juicy and plump every day. How can it not be with God’s love and her family’s love pouring all over her.

I can only be “grape”ful.

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