My little Minion

Dress rehearsal. The goggles! Yep. It has the “Oh my GOODNESS! Look at her!” effect. IMG_1214And so it was. The little minion idea was created, and she was into it because she likes to be funny. The goggles are not the most comfortable eyewear, so she knew that for music class, she’d have to bear it for a few Kodak moments. This week, it was the “Pumpkin Patch” party, so she had to sport her costume. Finding the right jumper was a challenge, but bingo! We got it.

IMG_1219 I could just eat her up!IMG_1224 As usual, each class, she has to choose a way to tap her name on the drum. This week, it was the pinky finger. Ms. Mary, our bumbly bee teacher, couldn’t stop laughing at Tot this week because she just had that effervescence. IMG_1233They visited the virtual pumpkin patch and Tatum pretended she was grabbing the largest pumpkin on the lot.IMG_1235IMG_1253IMG_1252

My little Minion posed with Sullivan (firefighter), Morgan (Princess Elsa), Harley (Marshall from Paw Patrol), Berkeley (a pink cat), and Emma the angel (and she really is)
IMG_1242IMG_1240Now if you look up Minion, you’ll find it means, “a loyal servant of another person.” Yes, my girl is truly LOYAL as she shows her love and joy daily to her family and friends.  Another term she is learning is to have a “Servant’s Heart” like her Savior, Jesus. My little Tatum, may you shine!

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