Dem Bones…dem TROMbones! MIM Part 2

We had the MIM to ourselves today! And…we had no idea that it would be the treat of all treats!

Upon visiting the European instrument portion, and avoiding the school that just arrived, we ventured down for the show. What show!? Supposedly, once a month, they have a concert, and today, it was to be the trombones from ASU! Now, would Tatum be able to sit through an hour long concert? Let’s find out.

First, these ASU students were dressed in nice rainbow shirts, and they had quite the array of talent to boot. The conductor, was Douglas Yeo, and was he a gem!

Supposedly, he was with the Boston Symphony for 30 years and now teaches at ASU.

IMG_1258Tatum sat quietly enjoying each piece as well as these short interludes.

The best part was when the conductor performed his solo from “Peter Gynt.” Dem tromBONES! Wow!IMG_1264He introduced it with saying that he never expects his students to do something he wouldn’t’ do, so one of his students did the conducting, and he did the performing! What a sound message: MODEL! HE paused at one point (and we all thought it was over), and Tatum yelled, “Good job!” Douglas became red in the face and smiled. I became red as well! Excuse us! HE played with poise, preciseness and perfection.

It’s a definite that we will attend each of these mini-concerts since the venue is small and it’s so easy and inexpensive. She is learning so much culturally as well (as am I!)

Finally, we hit the gift shop and guess what we found?IMG_1266Yes, besides these…(which I had to buy of course!)

A HARMONICA! She couldn’t say it quite correctly, so she called it her trombone. IMG_1269IMG_1267She puffed away at it making various sounds, discovering it has quite a range of noise! Her delight made it all worth it. When we got home, her first thought was to show/scare Coti! *wince*

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”-Martin Luther

(even if sometimes the music isn’t so musicy!)

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