Halloweening! 2015

Of course we had to start at Trader Joe’s! Bev was dressed as a Minion as well, so they had to pose! She was playing “Dave.” Tot? She is more like Bob, but he only had one eye!IMG_1289Then, when we got home, Tot’s bed became “toddlerized.” IMG_1290And she was bouncing around like a monkey! She pretended a bottle was a microphone and belted out some tunes. Then collapsed in laughter.

We eventually got Coti in his Bat costume. (after much consternation)IMG_1297And voila!

Tatum is ready to hit the road. IMG_1300 IMG_1302She ended up having a bite of Butterfinger and Heath Bar.

I told her she could have her lollipop tomorrow. She asked me if she could have one lick after church. Should I? We shall see! (Don’t you love it when a parent says that!?)

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