Proud Gymnast Mommy

Sometimes I wonder if she is learning anything. And then…I see!

It was the day to showcase what they had learned since September. Alton, Avery, Tatum (the other one!), Gavin, Ashna, and Tot all showed their stuff today. The other girls sported a leotard, but my Tot was a tad chilly, so instead was bundled up nice and warm. It may have inhibited her movement but she still did so well. 

Their warm up is usually 15 minutes, but today, we got a taste of the 5 minute version. Tot followed along very well, but she did keep looking at me! (are you watching, Mommy?)
IMG_1740 IMG_1739

They then each had the floor to themselves for a solo. Tatum jumped and bounced and balanced and twirled..and just wowed me over. At the end, she got a purple medal and Taina was proud!

The whole class did so well and was so darn CUUUUUUTE!


Thank you Taina and parents! We love SGT!

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