Christmas Eve Love

And it was. Doug took Tatum and me to Christmas Eve service and really saved the day. How was she going to sit through a whole service? Credit cards. Yes, folks. She discovered my wallet and handed Doug individual cards throughout the sermon and then would retrieve each one and place them in an offering envelope. She has the right idea, but I don’t think City of Grace takes Target, Kohl’s or Library cards. Hmmmm.

Then, when we returned home, while I made dinner, again, he saved the day. He played Tatum airplane for about 30 minutes. Ironically, my mom’s back is out this week and not Doug’s. My mom just loves Doug so much that she had sympathy pains.

IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1930

Then I got a very materialistic gift. A Michael Kors purse from mom. Gosh, I’m super happy to be a grown up now with a big girl purse. Thanks Mom and Thank you Doug!!IMG_1931IMG_1932

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