Love is….


2015 was a year of new experiences. Tatum and I embarked on a new relationship, and it all started with me taking a step of faith. I decided to ddddddddate. With no expectations or literally no confidence in a successful outcome, Tatum’s mom got the chance to dress like a grown up and go out once in a while. The door cracked open at the beginning of the year 2015 as I went out on a date. Never did I imagine it would lead to a relationship and potentially more for me and for the Tot!

Did I say patient? This is the word that would describe this year with Doug. He has been kindly waiting in the sidelines as I have caught up to what was to be the experience of falling in love. What has this meant for Tatum? She has slowly grown to realize that he is a permanent fixture in our lives. AND she has truly learned about relationships and how they take time to fertilize; at least for her mommy.


Did I mention that Love is kind? This would describe to a T our relating to each other. We are always kind, and he takes the cake for being the most. Everything I could have hoped for.

Douglas Hay made my Christmas so special because he is filled with love that has grown because of his patience.

Our first Christmas together.

Spoiling me with warmth by the fire and warm toasty fingers.IMG_2008 IMG_2009

Documenting our wine journey and our times together


Tiffany is that you?IMG_2027 IMG_2039

Smells just like candy. Tatum will love it too!


We love you Doug Hay!IMG_2050

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