Enjoying Christmas Part II

It was a cold day in December when Tot said she was ready to take on the bike! We got around the block with not too much ziggin or zaggin, and she even kept her eyes on the road. Last year she got this tricycle and finally can reach the pedal. She loves her bike, and is now asking for the next one. What’s missing? A Tater TOP!!! A helmet must be the next purchase for this Tot’s top.
IMG_2071She also is enjoying her new rocking chair. She plops down with a book and reads to me as I sit in my rocking chair. You’re never too young or too old for a rocker!

Painting away! Now that I got her the right materials to keep it clean, she can go to town! Drawing a ..a…a.. red, pink, green, and blue swirly cow? It’s art!!!


She also got some new generation paper dolls.Now they have magnetic clothes, literally.
She also received some Alphabet locks. You match the lower case letter (which is on the key) to the upper case letter (which is on the lock). The lock will unlock if you place the correct key in it.


The secret to her enjoyment is that I get on the floor with her and play. Time with the Tot. That is the best Christmas present of all.

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