And there was M.O.R.E

Queen for a day.
Doug makes her feel like this, and yesterday, her crown was sparkling with appreciation.

Austin’s old firetruck was dusted off, FOUR C-batteried up, and warmed up for Tot’s arrival.
IMG_2091The babies enjoyed it I think more than Tatum, for they got to rid in the extend a ladder! 

See them smiling!!?IMG_2094

Then it was more. More presents? Yes. More presents. Doug, seriously? You are amazing.


Minion jammies went perfect with the  Minnie helmet which she kept on ALL night. Yes. ALL. NIGHT.

Magna Tiles which I think her mommy loved more than anyone!IMG_2108

Then, he made her dinner. DINNER. A Queen eats turkey with homemade salsa, beans, corn and avocado on her solid gold yellow dish. IMG_2117

Fireworks outside now. Teeny tiny Tot ones only, please. IMG_2118WHAT A NIGHT.
IMG_2122We thank you so much and love you.IMG_2119

Into the next day… all continues. The question is did she sleep with it on? Inquiring minds want to know and will have to wonder. IMG_2135

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