Tatum’s FIRST conference

I cannot believe I am attending my first parent conference at Tatum’s school. It’s weird to be on the other side of the table since I’m used to being the teacher!

When we arrived, her teachers, Miss Kristin (and asst. Miss Hailey) were beaming with smiles. First, they showed me her tracing had improved since January (she’s been there two months now)

Then, they got into the meat of the conference: How they see Tatum! I was proud to hear that she is one of the kindest in the class. They said she plays with EVERYONE, not just Robert. In fact, she shares and often will go up to different groups of kids and play. She’s not afraid, and she’s also filled with compassion if one has a problem. IMG_2632

They also said she has a HUGE vocabulary and will tell very creative stories that make them all laugh. She also is one of the first to come to the circle and sit in the front criss-cross applesauce and listens without interrupting. (HOORAY! All the hard work is paying off!!!)IMG_2628

I often have wondered if there will be fruit after all the “practicing” we do at home with her behavior….being kind, attentive, and QUICK to listen!
Also with her letters, numbers, shapes, and colors! She is way ahead supposedly. IMG_2631 IMG_2630 IMG_2629

They had ZERO issues to share with me, only to tell me she’s extremely bright, kind, and very funny.

I continue to pray for guidance and wisdom in raising her. The key for me is keeping it fun too! I want to challenge her, but ultimately, I want her to shine the light of Jesus in all she does. The school is doing such a great job in reinforcing what I value at home. Thank you Paradise for Tots, Miss Kristin (right), and Miss Hailey (left)IMG_2603

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