On the way home from school today, Tatum asked me if we could go swimming. I mentioned we had music class and she burst into tears. Now, I know she loves music, and seeing her get this torn up over missing swimming was over the top. Yes, she is quite animated, but something was amiss. Within two seconds, I looked back and she was snoozing. Ahhhh…that was it. Tired and acting a bit like she was wearing cranky pants.

I  took her inside to make her lunch, and she decided to just finish her nap in from of the front door on that lovely door mat which I’m sure was the dirtiest flooring in the house. Her baba did not even get touched.

By the way, this is her usual position to sleep: Fingers inserted in the mouth, baby in arm, booty up in the air.
IMG_2867Lucky girl; I want to be in her shoes some days and just fall asleep anywhere!

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