He Has Risen

“He has risen; on the third day, he has risen!” And she kept singing it from her heart. If you would have told me I wouldn’t have believed it, but my girl has the Holy Spirit inside of her.
I even caught her this morning, with her baby’s stroller parked next to her, reading the devotion.


She wows me more everyday, and she convicts me of God’s FRESH spirit in each and everyone of us. We just have to tap into it.

Today at church, I was reminded of the importance of the resurrection. This is the crux of our beliefs! Death no longer has power over us except the DEATH to all of the wrongs we have done and the old selves that we know need to depart. Thank you Jesus for reminding us of this today, and THANK YOU for sending me TATUM to keep me reminded of how much you love each and every one of us.

Your fragrance is inviting and may we always….always…20160327_121626_resizedinvite you in…IMG_2927Happy Easter 2016. Thank you, Mama and Doug for making it even more special. 



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