Last Day of Preschool

Taking her to Preschool today was a bit hard. It was the last day she’d be with Miss Kristin. When we arrived, Miss Kristin had not arrived yet, so she had not the usual comforts. So I kept hearing her yell for “Mommy,” and it broke my heart. She is ALWAYS fine when I leave (she cries for only 30 seconds), but today, it was harder because she didn’t want me to leave. I called the school, and Miss Kristin finally showed up and sent me this pic:


She seemed happy and I could relax. However, it’s funny, when she is at school, I honestly miss her. I wonder what she is doing and how she is getting along. But I do know that the input that she is receiving is all positive and the people love her so much.

When I picked her up, I surprised her with her new shirt to celebrate the school:IMG_3468 IMG_3470We also were greeted by a cool lizard outside our house: (GINORMOUS!)


I also had found one of my OLD phones, and I gave it to her. Garbage to me; treasure to her. She instantly called John and Becca . Now, I have no idea if these are real people but the conversation she was having was intriguing. “John, dude, what you doing?” Then she pauses for the answer and says, “Really? OH!” So funny! IMG_3473Then it was time to hold Bella and “Look something up.” It was very important, she told me. Apparently it had something to do with writing and “A” on the easel. IMG_3476 IMG_3475Because she did it just perfectly (Up, down, across!) 

This Tot of mine!!! Personality just OOOOOZES out of every pore, and I cannot stop laughing. XXOO

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