God is so creative!

What do you do in Phoenix in the summer? It’s triple digits, and swimming can turn you into a prune after so many hours. Well, you drive 45 minutes to nowhere and go to the zoo! The week before, it had been record setting temperatures, so we planned to go the following Friday because it couldn’t possibly get hotter. It just so happened that it was overcast and only in the 90’s! That was a blessing. We arrived right when they opened at 9, and Tot was cozily snug in her stroller.


She did not last long in this position because she instantly saw a…..

20160610_091143_001 20160610_091150 20160610_091303 20160610_091305Beautiful PEACOCK!..so we decided to follow it and be one with it. At one point, she followed it to a table. Tatum was concerned. She said, “Hey…hello!!??, you are going to fall!!” I don’t think he heard her.

20160610_174044Upon mimicking the peacocks we heard “macaw!!”…and so what did we come upon???20160610_090939 20160610_091012Mimicking was becoming fun as we attempted to be Dr. Doolittle. They did not find me humorous.

So, we mozied on to more…EMUs! I personally love these because it’s always a clue in the crossword: three letters for a flightless bird.


That lasted a minute until the other side (with only a rope between us) KANGAROOS! Now, I had just read about a trio of girls being attacked by a kangaroo in Australia last weekend. So…. I had a teeny bit of hesitation when nearing these seem-to-be innocent creatures. We looked for the baby hiding in the pouch, but none to be found. 20160610_092013 20160610_092009(0)Wait, what is that sound??? It sounds like a singing dog. Ok, seriously? It was.



We sang with it for a bit until…. We saw what it was singing to. WAKE UP!!!!20160610_095418

That did not work, so it was time to see this guy perched upon his mound to search for little girls. We did not hang around long.

Off to more kinder types?… Monkeys and regal black swans
20160610_094533 20160610_094603

And…..(commercial break here: I’d like to thank DOUGLAS HAY for photographing all of these pics!)

BIRDS of all kinds.


and, could you just look at us?

20160610_102019 20160610_102007

These ostriches were so hungry they attempted to eat the gate in front of us. We moved away, but first a quick conversation20160610_101344


He didn’t say much; he just opened his mouth really wide as if he was waiting for me to throw him a pizza or something large.

Speaking of large!…


More conversations not happening. You know you want to talk to us, little guy!20160610_100846 20160610_100831

PHOTO OP! Love you Tot.

20160610_101530 20160610_101526 20160610_101517Get in a line you quackers! Stay with your mommy or you’ll be eaten by a….


Or a….. Nile Crocodile. 20160610_110457Well, probably not, because we decided to go into the aquarium where these types were safely locked in a pseudo-tropical environment. I wonder if they know that the scene behind them is a painting?

Albino alligator. Not much hiding for him! He stood right out.20160610_105259


We did decide to get cooled off in the log ride. Tatum was just the right height. WE GOT SOAKED, but cooled off!!!20160610_103239


Ok, snack time and …..rest.


Now, these fish are called “lookdowns” Ironic, isn’t it.20160610_103852

God is cool; a little pink splash to this fishy.

Slow down so we can take your picture!20160610_111348 20160610_110921 20160610_110853

Look but don’t, ok, you can. TOUCH the starfish!20160610_105825

Now, we are just waiting waiting waiting for my favorite part: THE SEA LION SHOW

More waiting!20160610_112458

And there is little 3-year old CROCKET! Making a splash. He was a toddler sea lion. Not grown until 6.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.55.34 PMAnd during the show, guess what fell down down down UNDER the bleachers. Yep…the baby.

So, I missed part of the show to find my way through the maze underneath to retrieve it and…Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.36.40 AM

Reunited! So much for the sea lions.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.55.51 PM

On the way out we saw the ghostly sting ray. Honestly, he was haunting.


And the piece de resistance: LOS PENGUINOS!! My second favorite!20160610_114248

God is so creative with his animal creations. What fun fun fun. My only wish is that Doug was in more of the pictures. Thank you for treating us to a special wild day and a chance to talk to the animals. XO

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