Mastering the waiting game

It was not the “usuals” today. We left the house quite early so I could get a blood test. Since I had to be fasting, I was starving and ready to eat an elephant. Tatum had to come with me since I did not want to take her to summer school so early. We arrived at Walgreens, and JUST TODAY, they have canceled their contract with Theranos, the clinic inside of the store. Great timing. So, what will I do with this extra hour before school?
Across the street, there was BrakeMasters, and I was way overdue for an oil change. Perfect! We can have a little fun doing our waiting game.

No wait when we arrived, which is unusual for a Monday morning, so we plopped down and did our waiting. I have a  Master’s Degree in waiting. No problem. I pulled out my handy dandy Kinder brain game and we got to work.

IMG_3541Meticulously, she counted the triangles and circles to see what should happen next. She has mastered patterns.IMG_3543We got distracted taking a selfie…IMG_3545 2Next, we played run around the table (Yes, we were alone in the waiting room). As we were running, I realized I was running out of waiting games!! An HOUR later, he finished us up. It was the first day she was late to Pre-K, and they reminded me they do not give detentions for tardiness in Pre-K. Phew!

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