Bringing a smile to my sore face

When you’ve just been beaten up by a periodontist for 95 minutes, you struggle with smiling. Yes, it was another surgery for my poor gums, but luckily Tatum let me hold THISPhoto on 4-30-16 at 3.11 PM #4

for the surgery while she spent the morning at PFT. Boy did it help! So , what did I think about while under the knife? I thought of my little Tot.

IMG_3546 IMG_3553After my surgery, I headed to Walgreen’s for my scripts, and while there, I bought her a Paw Patrol racket and ball bouncy thing. Well, after presenting it to her, the ball and elastic annoyed both of us, so we disassembled it, and decided to play “flip the pancake.” Much more fun.

I wowed her with my skills in between my laying down. She then was persistent to make sure the pancake flipped and stayed on the racket.
IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3560 IMG_3561 IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3564
It sure made the smile appear on my pain-filled mouth. It’s not hard around this little gal.

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