Happy Sad

Sometimes I am not home and I have to have others help me take care of Tatum. It does take a village you know. Well, it is no secret that I’m absolutely gaga-crazy about my Tot. Just recently, I had to leave her overnight so I could go to Vegas for GCU. Doug usually helps, which I so appreciate, but this time, Janette and Levi got the privilege.

When we arrived, immediately, she jumped right into playing, but not before she raided Levi’s closet for an outfit. Janette was not used to this concept since she’s used to her boy staying in the boy’s clothes for the whole day if not two. Not Tot. She has to have many outfits in the day. She finally settled on Paw Patrol (at least for a minute). 


Shoes are not out of the question either when trying on outfits. Doug’s shoes are especially fun.
20160619_120517_resized 20160619_120514_resizedBut I digress…

Before I left her with Janette, I told her about a new emotion I was feeling: HAPPY SAD: I’m happy that she is going to have so much fun with Levi! I’m sad because I will miss giving her lots of kisses and love tonight.

And this is how it is with Tatum…a roll of emotions stemming from having so much love for her.  Being her mommy is the biggest honor I could ever have. There are no shoes big enough to fill the love I have for her.


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