Friday fun day

We are trying to be more adventurous for lunch. Sometimes, I like to take her out. Today, we tried a cool new fresh asian food place called Foosia. Tatum and I got silly with our chopsticks. IMG_4046IMG_4044

She decided they were more fun to poke the food with than to eat the food with. That is not the only thing she did with her hands today. She wanted to paint, but I did not think she meant herself. Well, her hands to be exact. They were a perfect mixture of blue, pink, purple, yellow and red.
IMG_4049 IMG_4048 IMG_4047

Then, I got to be entertained. Again, Tatum’s imagination created a microphone. We were building these stackable cups, and next thing you know, she’s singing her lungs out!


More imagination every day with this girl. It is NEVER a dull moment! XXOO

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