California dreaming (and it is true!) Day 2/Part 1

Answer: She stayed in her bed with feet on the pillow (she wiggled around to that position), but she did NOT sleep in. 6am wide awake. I laid there and told her to go play with her Paw Patrol characters out in the living room. My darling sainted boyfriend awoke to play with her and they let me sleep. So that would be a YES I slept in and a NO Doug did not get to.

When I awoke around 7:30 (hallelujah), I saw Tatum and Doug playing happily together in the living room. We are all ready to fly the coup and go down to the beach.  As you can see by the picture, I’m the only one awake.

20160906_080745 20160906_080816We headed down to go huntin’! For sea shells that is.


As we were walking to the beach, Doug had said he wondered if we’d find some sand dollars. Well….


Tot, a sand dollar!! We found so many of these little guys.



Drop ’em in girl!


OH we found so many, and Doug had the brilliant idea to collect some sand and fill some glass jars with some of the sand and our shells. We’ll write the date on the jars and now never forget this amazing trip. 20160906_082828

He thinks of everything!

Next stop, breakfast and then back to the hotel to change and get ready to load up for the beach. Stay tuned!
Questions: Will we be able to make one trip down to the beach? Will Tatum enjoy the sand? Will Doug and Mommy brave the waves on their boogie board? Find out more in Part 3!

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