IKEA + Doug’s Skills = Happy Room

and a Happy Mommy.

Everything has to have its place. And, as time goes on, especially in a kiddo’s room, stuff happens. Serious stuff! How does it all happen? OK, I take responsibility for ALL of the bazillion books she owns, but the rest?

It all needs a place. I have always believed that an organized space is a fun space to play in. Also, creativity can thrive in an organized, streamlined environment. If there are places in the room to let creativity take place, it happens!

So, I got to work looking on the IKEA website and VOILA! I found the perfect space for her wall for books and random “stuff.” Step one!

Doug did the building and Tot did the helping. 20161127_115635_resized_1 20161127_115632_resized_1 20161127_115012_resized_1

One down! Three to go.


Now, we are getting somewhere! 20161127_124350_resized_1Step 2: The next piece was the table. Again, I felt that the workspace had to be available in order for learning and fun to thrive! So, I bought another table from IKEA with its hidden compartments! I just love this store.

When it was all said and done, I hugged Doug like crazy, made him a ridiculously small lunch (did not equate to his work!)20161127_150435_resized_1, and took lots of finished “After” pics. Tot did the posing. Crafty table next to the dollhouse.

Book Spaces and BINS!IMG_4802 IMG_4799
Closet which is a fun place to hide or playIMG_4807

And just bonus pics of the room. She wanted to pose it out!IMG_4804 IMG_4806 IMG_4805

There is a bit of sickness here you see. I enjoyed this organizational endeavor too much. She can now thrive in her new streamlined environment.
Thank you DOUG. Thank you IKEA. Thank you TOT!

Now, off to go buy some more books! (Now that I organized them all, I realized I have a few open spots to fill)  (haha!)


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