Christmas has arrived! Part 1: Making it meaningful

Christmas can be overwhelming with the commercialism of it all. There is the pressure to go to parties, concerts, decorate everything, and of course carry a gift with you at all times so you can give your hairdresser, cleaner etc a little something for appreciation. It’s all so good! BUT, it’s easy to forget the beauty of that little baby born in a manger for US. Because HE loved us so much to send a savior for US! Geez, it’s so easy to forget.

My mom and I made sure that Jesus was celebrated in the midst of all the gifts. When Tatum came downstairs, we prayed for a joyous morning putting Jesus in the center. Sounds good, right?

Well…….. The tree exploded,

and it did get a little fuzzy what this was all about. Here we go!

Peppa Pig was sure to please. Santa did not forget.

She also asked for Paw Patrol watch, and it had an extra surprise. Lighting up anything makes all the difference. 

My dear mother made sure her Christmas was complete. Mr. Robot and all. He shoots disks out of his month. This made the morning quite hilarious as he would say, “I’m Mike! Let me dance for you. Wait, I’m not ready.” Seriously? 

Tatum enjoyed giving Mama her a microphone charm to symbolize the fun performing Tot does. 

More? Vintage Snoopy clock. Maybe this will help her know 7am better.

The dollhouse rooms made her play for hours. This house is so fun now!

She also got a Shel Silverstein book from Mama with new poems. 

A throwing opportunity.

Clothes. With ears and all…

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a gift for Coti.

We played and played until Doug would come over and take us to Kelly’s for Part 2!

The best part of the morning? Laughing and being with my family. Thank you Jesus.

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