Christmas Part 2: Family

We, all dressed in our snowflakes, were ready to go to Kelly’s. The morning was chalked full of joy!

Kasey surprised Tot with a little moose, and this made the night begin.

Introducing Baby to Moosey:
Morgan, Nyla, James, and Levi all opened their gifts as we sat in our circle. We each got just one small fun gift to share.

And of course have some yummy treats.


What can we say about Deno???? He is so good with Tot for only seeing her once a year! Tatum even named one of her “kids” after him. Also, he was the only one who was not on his cell phone staring at it. He participated in conversation and dancing!

When the sun was setting, Doug and I stole away to the roof for gorgeous pictures.  This lasted about a minute since it was quite frosty up top!

The fun did not stop once we got inside

Having a chance to catch up with Kasey, Deno, Connie, Doug (Connie’s Doug), and of course Kelly, Morgan, Nyla, Levi, and James, was such a treat. It was short but so sweet.

Thank you again, Jesus for this day. Was there more to come? YES!

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