Patterns and our pooch

Tatum definitely has me as her mommy. Yesterday, she had an idea.
“Mommy, I want to have oatmeal today and cereal tomorrow, then oatmeal again and cereal the next. It’s a pattern, mommy.” OK, huh!? She is now telling me her little structured¬†way of having breakfast! Then she added she would like to have a yellow flower one day and a pink the next. Another pattern. (I bring a flower in every morning when I take doggie for a walk.)

Speaking of our little Coti, last night we had fireworks next door, and they were both scared. So I let her stay up with Coti. They comforted each other on the chair.

Then today, he wanted to return the favor and comfort her since she was sick with the flu today. He hopped up on her bed, and she decided he needed to be comforted so she read him the devotion.

I think we will try to keep this pattern going. She comforts him, he comforts her; she comforts him…etc.

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