A no church Sunday

And if feels so weird! But, I chose to keep Tatum home because she’s had a fever and woke up with a slight fever still abrewin’. I figured we could lay low, read, draw, play games and rest!

After pancakes, Tot, Coti and I headed out to grab a cuppa joe in our jammies. I don’t think we have done this for like a year! It was kind of fun. When we returned, we decided to do some reading. I wanted to read my Bible and devotion, so I hung out in her room. I had not spent time in the Word like this in a while, and it felt wonderful.

Tatum chose a few million books to read herself.

And she read every.single.one. OUT LOUD. It tickled me to hear her read so diligently and articulately (even if she made up the words).


Next, we cleaned out my closet and her drawers. Filling two garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, purses and what nots felt so freeing. Hello St. Vincents! We have goodies for you.

Next, it was puzzle time. We pulled out the oldies but goodies.  (This one is from my brother, Johnanthan) First we did the number’s side.

Then we needed a new outfit for the other side, the letters.


Ta Da!

The rest of the day we played, ran our goodies to St. Vincent’s to donate, rode her bike and walked Coti. A bunch.

This no-church Sunday was refreshing, but I missed it intensely. But time with the Tot was like being with Jesus himself! I am blessed.


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