The Strep Threat and Coti’s help

A bevy of emotions today. It has been a long two weeks of symptoms that have made all of us weary. Tatum has had sleepless nights of coughing, runny nose, and crankiness. Me? I’m not sleeping as I lay awake hearing her cough away and I worry as to what to do. The list of “do’s” are all checked off.

Then, she coughs in the morning and my mom worries of getting sick. And it came to pass that now my mom is sick.

Last night, I had a feeling. I knew there was something more since she had had a low fever a few days ago and still was asymptomatic. Plus, she’s just not herself! I had gone out with Doug after she went to sleep, and when I returned home, I found the sweet Coti watching over her as she lay on the floor!!?

There he is! What in the world of waldo is she doing on the floor? Coti I guess wants to read all the books she went through. So I gently put her into bed, and guess who plopped up next to her?

I think Coti knew something was wrong too.

This morning, she was still off and just wanted to lay on Coti’s place covered in mom’s jacket.

I had the darndest time getting into the Dr, but I kept calling and finally a cancellation at 11:45 am. We headed over and I just prayed for an answer.

BINGO….It was strep.

She sleeps right now, and has been for an hour. I am too wound up to sleep! The prayers have been answered, and all we need is to protect mama from getting any worse now! (and me too)

The bevy of emotion has exhausted me, but I know this too shall pass and we’ll be back to our vivacious selves. I love you sweet girl.

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