President of the Day!

And we did own it! I have to admit, it was more of a day off than a celebration of Presidents. We decided to take on a mountain. trail.

I had this vision of us hiking up Camelback, trudging through the boulders and cacti, and then I realized I have a 36.5 inch Tot who has teeny feet. So, we decided on the Dreamy Draw Trail on the back side of Squaw Peak.

She roared up to the sign and started running like mad. Doug had to chase her down. She wiggled her way into his arms.

Then we came upon some cacti and quartz. Doug had more knowledge than anyone I’ve met! Those white rocks? Quartz? That octopus looking tree thingy? Ocotillo! It looks friendly, but quite spiny and spiky! Tot was warned.

We piled rocks onto the first marker. It felt like a mile but was probably more like 100 feet at our pace.

After about 200 feet? No, just kidding, maybe one mile, Tatum was ready to run back, and so she did. And with that? A solid biff.fall.kerplop.boom. She said she couldn’t walk: EVER again.  Well, at least until we got to the sidewalk.

So much fun on the trail! Doug, we’re ready for more, but the next time, she has requested a walking stick and a rock collector. That was Doug on this round.

Later that day, we headed to Kiddy Keys. Of course the rocket must precede. Did I mention she found a pair of my goggles in the car?  They helped pilot.

Ok, onto the rest of the day. Playing with Coti, reading an inordinate amount of books and bedtime. She couldn’t sleep, and I heard her sweet voice reading on her stool.

Good night Tatum. Good night Doug. Good night Presidents. Thanks for helping us squeeze the maximum out of a day.

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