Love beyond words

There are days when I am weepy. Today, being one of those days, was also her love day. I don’t like to bank on this day and make a big deal of it because honestly, to me, her birth-day was the best day in the whole world for me. However, for some reason, TODAY, I had this overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation for her.

You see, sometimes, she cries because she doesn’t get her way. Shoot, we all have feel some kind of frustration when we lose some type of control of our way! So, today, she was extra fussy, and I, being overly tired, was extra irritable to any fussiness getting in the way of a happy day. The cycle would start: I would ask Tatum to get dressed, she’d say that she wanted me to help her then when I tried to help her she’d want to do it herself. And when she exacted her feelings about this independence, it was not done kindly. Then, my feelings got all in a twist and….you know the rest. So, we’d come back together and discuss HOW can we be kind throughout these determined feelings we portray?

Then, it happens. We talk it out like actually sane humans and she apologizes; we hug and kiss and she says, “Mommy, I love you more than anything in the world.” MELT.

Sometimes, my pride gets in the way and I just don’t feel like handling it right at that very moment. Then, I remember, LOVE. Love handles it. Love talks it out. AND Love hugs and forgives.

It’s truly love beyond words, and perhaps this is why I weep.

These days that I get weepy are only because I know one day she’ll be bigger and not so “around.” I must savor every itty bitty teeny tiny morsel of time.

We ended the night with her saying something I have never heard:
“Mommy, you are my best friend.” I hope she can say this when it is what I would hope to hear when we are older. I know I can’t be her best friend, but I can be the best mommy in the whole world for TATUM.


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