Mommy’s turn

It’s always hard to leave Tot to go out with friends, go to work, or go out with Doug. Can you see this face?


Tonight was especially hard for her because she knew I was getting to celebrate my birthday with Doug and it was truly for the adults.

But, I was excited because Doug and I had not had a chance to get all dolled up in  awhile, and I knew he had some stuff up his lovely shirt sleeve. Nice shirt eh?
I just love this shirt on Doug!

We headed to our destination, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, and sat down at the bar before our table was ready.

The table was all fancied up for my birthday. So nice!

Then….it began. The journey of his love to me. He presented this beautiful clipboard filled with a story of a boy and girl.

It was the kindest thing I have ever received from anyone. Not only kind, but so incredibly heartfelt and personal. Also beautiful! The letter started with a story and then stopped in the middle for him to share a memory “stone” with me. He got me this delicate crystal heart with our names engraved on it to memorialize Easter 2017; a pivotal day in our relationship. WOW!

Dinner was served! Filet, veggies, sashimi…DELISH!


After this (actually during since I couldn’t wait!), he finished the interactive letter with the PROMISE. A beautiful RING to remind each other that our love is forever. Infinity!

Seriously so beautiful! And …. I just can’t stop looking at it.


What a memorable night. I felt like a princess as I always do with Doug. He made my birthday so special!

The journey continues, and love endures. I love you honey.

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