Dance Recital 2017

Every single Wednesday since August of 2016, Tot has been going to Tap and Ballet at Conservatory of Dance with Miss Leah!
Today was the recital, and oh was she excited.

It has been eight months of classes which have not always been the smoothest. There’s been tears, fears, frustrations and falls. There’s been attitudes, no thank you’s, and not todays. BUT, she has powered through.

I would sit and watch her on the screen and beam with pride knowing that she had it in her.

And then…picture day, she shined.

The dress is sparkly and exquisite. Just like her.

Today, in Dress Rehearsal, she couldn’t wait to get on stage. No fears, no tears, no attitude. Just poise and pride in her hard work.


She was set to perform 13th in the early show. I say LUCKY 13!

“A You’re Adorable”

Doug and Mama sat behind me cheering! he tickets went fast, so we had to split up.

There she is..the little Tot; 4th from the left.

After, Doug graced her with his presence with a beautiful bouquet.

Now that is awesome. 

We are so proud of you, Tatum.


On the way home, she begged me to take ballet again next year. “I love ballet mommy!”

So, you may see a post in 2018! Stay tuned. I love you, my sweet girl.


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