Art from the Heart

Tuesdays. They used to be a day for Tatum and me. Now, she is in school 9-12. This means that I need to make sure when I’m with her, we spend solid quality time.

One thing she is doing daily is a little phonics with my mom. She also does some math or practicing of her letters or spelling. This is wonderful for her academic growth, but one thing that definitely could be nurtured is her creative bent. My sister-in-law reminded of this, and I got inspired. Probably too inspired! I want to do an art project (even if it’s 5 minutes) daily.

When I get an idea, I tend to go overboard in my plan. I don’t usually do something halfway. I go ALL OUT! So, I started looking up art ideas. This led me to wanting to create an “art center” in her room. Why not!? The blueprint of how her room could be set up is now an obsession. How can I organize it to make it conducive to art projects? This then led me to Pinterest which led me to Michaels. (can you say cha-ching!) Yep. I purchased a few items to make this work. Then, I hit Amazon of course and the money continues to be plucked from my wallet as if it grows on trees. (doesn’t it??) Well, stay tuned for what I do next with this “art center.”

In the meantime, we are making art from the heart. I love giraffes, so we decided to embark on this mini idea. It did not require much in terms of materials so perfect!

We got started making the body and I let Tot decorate.

Add the legs (clothes pins)

And of course give them names. Ollie and Wally.

Daily, Tatum wants me to make her a watch, bracelet, ring or glasses. One of these wearable artistic pieces. Today, a pair of glasses and a watch so she could time herself. Now, if I took pictures of every piece we made, I could fill a whole blog book. Ha!

She wanted glitter on these babies.

While it dries, she will wait. Patience is our skill of the week. (for all of us, mind you). I’m not sure it worked because we instantly moved to making the watch. Now,  she …….Tick tock tick tock….


….wants to know when the glasses will be dry.

Aye yie yie! Patience is a virtue my child.

All in an attempt in making art from the heart.

Stay tuned for more art projects and designs.


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