Presenting Delicious Art

Fridays….ah. One of my favorite days of the week. Why? Because it is Tot and my day to enjoy each other. And Coti of course.

We love you Snuggle Bug. Notice his happy spot with a MyPillow Bed. This dog is definitely blessed.

Ok. Back to the day.

So, I decided to inspire Tot with some art from Wayne Thiebaud. I found some of his art on a Pinterest post. He is a dessert artist, so what could be more fun!?
First we made some scrappy dos! You can use any kind of scraps from old random pieces of paper. No waste allowed.

Then once we had a pile of confetti….

I showed her a YouTube of his art. 

Then we got to work on some ice cream cones! This guy makes dessert come alive.  Here is a picture of some art inspired by his cones.

We made the cones

She cut them out… (notice the shapes!)

Then we started the flavors. What shall we make? I made lemon.

She made lime with a cherry

VOILA! Blueberry, lime, and (blue) raspberry dripping down.

She did it all by herself. My little artist.

She wanted to continue so she got the paint, disrobed, and went to work. (couldn’t find her smock so hey? Why not!)

Coti was exhausted watching her. So he kept her shirt warm.

I’m making a DOT now!

Masterpieces done and drying.

I worked on my latest creation (TBA) while she artisted it up.

We will continue to create together! I love our Fridays for extended projects.

Skating, swimming, and snuggling later. Perfecto! (OH, and we did have some real ice cream to celebrate).

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