A pensive and grateful day

It was 5 years ago TODAY that a phone call came to me in my classroom. It was the first day of school, and a message was left on my voicemail to call Dr. Kaufman back. I couldn’t get to him immediately since it was the first day, so I called him after school. A phone call that would change my life forever.

Three months later, I’m cutting the cord of this beautiful


baby girl.

My cup overfloweth

Today, I cannot believe it has been five years since that day. I have never experienced this kind of love, and having her in my life has exploded my heart and given me a depth of love only a parent could feel. I get it, God. I see how you feel about me! Your heart breaks for me as mine does for my Tot.

I pray for her protection, but at the same time, I pray for her opportunity to experience the gamut of challenge and struggle so she can grow into the woman You created her to be. A scary thought but probably necessary. Can it be that she can be given true Godly character with just enough struggle and climb that it could occur with a righteous amount of cushion?? You know my heart, Lord. Guide her and please keep her in your arms.

She is a strong girl with fervor! Just look at her sing to Coti with all of her might!

I was a bit more timid as a tot. Strong in spirit, but…

this tot!!? Quite the dynamo. Strong in spirit and might.

(Mom recycled it for Tatum). She wears it with gusto!

Thanks Mama!

Today, we will celebrate. Well, I’ll celebrate Tatum being in my life and her taking hold of this life and LIVING it with full passion and wonder as she has since that first day of her life.

I love you Tatum Isabella Knight. May God bless your steps and may He continue to give me wisdom raising you!

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