The tallest of smalls

When I picked up Tatum from school on Monday, two little girls were playing right next to Tatum. The two little girls seemed to be playing with a baby doll. They apparently named her Tatum.

As I approached Tatum, she seemed sad. She said that the two little girls were calling her a baby. I told Tatum that it was probably the baby they were playing with, so she asked them. The girls said, “No, it’s you that is a baby. Why are you in this class anyway?”

My mother claws came out. WWWHHHHAAAAT did you say to my child!? But I did not say that. I said, “Do you think that is kind?”

I told the girls she belonged in the class right with them and maybe they should be kinder.

I then spoke to Ms. V. She mentioned that she’d chat with the little girls.

When I got home that night, I encouraged Tatum that her little self was huge with a beautiful heart and tremendous might. I then read her this book

It’s a great book by Max Lucado about not the size of the person but what is inside that matters as this boy was reminded by Jesus.

Later that week, the two girls apologized to me and they all played together. No matter either way because Tatum can truly hold her own. I’m proud of the way she handled it anyway. She was kind back no matter how it went down. That is all that I can ask.


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