Show, Tell, and Skate!

Today was Tot’s first day to Show and Tell at school. She wanted to bring this devotional book we read every night! I was surprised and pleased at her choice. I gave her a Coronado shirt just in case they wanted to know what that was about. (more on this in the next post!)

Supposedly, she handed the book to Coach Matt and said, “This book my mommy and I read.” She spoke so softly no one could hear, but I told her I was proud of her! She will do better every week. Coach Matt and Ms. V were proud of her as well.

After this, I picked her up and we went to see Grant. Going to the rink together is a joy I love to share with Tatum. She loves learning to skate with Grant as her coach and cheerleader, and I get to watch with a front row seat as I skate around her.

Today, he put little fishes on her arms to keep her arms OUT without letting the fishes fall.

What fun! She did fall, and she got a bit discouraged. I reminded her this is part of learning and it means she is trying!

Today was filled with many “failures” which only help her grow and learn. It gives her motivation to try again and try again. There is no perfect, but there is perfect practice!

I love you, Tatum.

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