Coronado No Labor Day 2


Down the stairs and headed to the beach! First thing we noticed is that it was not an oven outside. AHHHH.

Cmon honey, Let’s go!!

On the way to hunt for seashells, we stopped to say hello to the birds of paradise







The walk to the beach was glorious. We did not find many shells, but we did get to see the beautiful scenery.

The Hotel Del is always a nice shortcut.

Finally, we stopped for a bagel, and we ended up having the best conversation with this family from Texas. They have just experienced Hurricane Harvey, and the devastation has been monumental. We assured them our prayers and support.

Tatum, meanwhile, was well fed, pleased, and ready to head back to change for the ocean. I was glad we had some time to appreciate our blessings. Meeting the folks from Texas was a reminder to be so grateful.

We headed back, Doug loaded up the cart, and we arrived! One thing I’m grateful for is all the lugging and tugging Doug does to help us. It’s a lot of gear to make sure we are all comfortable. It does not go unnoticed!
Next step: Heaps of sunscreen. Tatum would rather me not pile it on so thick as I cover her neck ever so gently. (Gentler, mommy!)


Time to build. Tatum kept asking Doug to fetch a pail or two of water for our towers. He kindly kept bringing buckets. Packs the sand, mommy!

Doug had the best idea for me to have a wetsuit so I could enjoy the water. This was brilliant. That way I could be covered from the sun but also stay toasty warm in the water. First, Tatum was to try the board. GO TOT!

She did it!

Big squeeze from Doug






Wait HARK!! What do we hear yonder?

Fighter planes (there is a naval base right near) over and above! Goosebumps. We feel very protected and proud of our country.

Time for mommy and Doug to try the board. She wished us both well!

So fun. I am not as brave as I was when I was much younger, but I still have a blast in the water. And because of my sweetie’s idea, I stayed dry and warm.

I had to join Tot in the sand following the fun. She was making a cake with sandy frosting. Delicioso!

The wind was pretty wicked, so the frisbee did not see much action. When it did, we ran all over the place more than catching it. Definitely we got our exercise.

It was time to say goodbye, so we headed back to La Salsa. Tot was ready for her fish taco.

We played “HI-LO” at the table to talk about our day, the highs and lows. My high, and really all of ours, was being together and enjoying the waves.

Puzzles (Spiderman!), reading and bed followed. We were all pretty pooped!

A full day!

The next morning, we left right after rush hour which in CA, not sure if that exists.
Tatum noticed she had some bags under her eyes.

A little milk does the trick.

For Doug and me, a little coffee did the trick. (or a lot).

Maybe we needed more coffee because our smilers were off. Baby kept on smiling because he loves pictures.

Doug tried seeking out a smile, but he wasn’t kidding us! He was tired too!

Another successful Labor Day Coronado trip. We will see you next year!


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