Glasses, games, and giddiness

Tatum loves to make things. This saves me oodles of money since she seems to be satisfied with homemade gadgets. Hooray!

Take, for example, glasses.

We started with felt, added some clear lenses (coming from a cut up clear pocket protector), and bunches of staples. Flying ace Tot is born.

And they continue to be worn during oatmeal. (she needed to SEE it)

After a few errands, we came back for our craft for the day. Today: A GAME! A match game made from pictures. I chose 24 pictures, developed doubles of them in pocket size, cut them up and found some card stock to mount them.

We took washi tape and decorated them. Then I laminated and cut them.

We got them all set up on the table, ready to find the matches!

After we played our matching game, (she won one and I won one (YES!)), we played with her new balance beam game with beans.
She must figure out how to make them balance from the cards given.

Again, she mastered it. Good math and logic skills at work.

We ended the day with a new pair of spectacles.

Yes, I see Y.O.U with my lil’ eyes.

We definitely laughed a lot today, and we made the most of our fun day!

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