Petting Zoo Bravery

Saturday, we had the blessing of joining Tatum’s friend Carly for her birthday party. They had a petting zoo in their front driveway for the celebration. Yes. Seriously.
Tatum had NO desire to visit the six goats,  three chickens, three ducks a waddling, or two bunnies. Based on her past experience in petting zoos, I wasn’t surprised, but I tried to get her in there!

It took her little buddy, Caleb (from her Kinder class), to drag her in there and hand her a chicken. 

Next thing you know it, she’s all over the bunnies!

See mom!!!

I did not enter since it was for the kiddos, but this goat did want to be with me. He was not interested in what was going inside the pen, but instead, what was going on outside.

Say Cheese!

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