Happy Veteran’s Day

Tesseract Community Outreach (TCO day) took place on Friday, November 8, 2013. Twice a year, our entire student body spends the day doing something community-minded in order to serve something/someone outside ourselves.

The 7th graders spent the day interviewing War Veterans (from various wars) and recording the interviews. We will be transcribing these interviews and delivering them to the Library of Congress when we visit in April. Here are last year’s interviews:


One of the Veterans, Fred Quick, was a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) gunner from WWII! (He is pictured here with Sgt Ben Luoma who is holding Fred’s Purple Heart and magazine from the rifle)IMG_3493

He noted that he had to carry over 40 lbs worth of artillery. At 150 lbs, that was more than 1/3 of his weight. He was not allowed to carry his gun into school, but I had a chance to hold it. Definitely a power house!


The kids reflected on the day and were overwhelmed with gratitude and understanding of the plight of these Veterans. We appreciate them fighting FOR US. 🙂

A year ago today……


This wonderful child was celebrated in vitro. Now….it’s a reality; A year ago this Saturday, Tatum was “toasted” into existence. IMG_2985 Little did I know that this diaper cake would be so extremely appreciated!
I cannot believe that it was only one year ago that Tatum has gone from a dream to a one year-old angelic miracle. IMG_3507 IMG_3509 IMG_3512

She will be one-year old in 13 days, and the best is yet to come. The only thing I can think about right this minute is the gratitude I feel through ever fiber of my being; friends praying for me; family being patient with me; friends finding me ever supply needed and then some; my church being there for me when I did not know what to do; my mom being my best friend and biggest HELP. Moreover, if it was not for “Toasting Tatum” as we did on November 8, 2012, I would not have been reunited with many old acquaintances and my best friend of all time, Jocelyn. As blessings continue to flow, the hard pressures and immense stress melt away (or I choose to not focus on them.)

Thank you God for your provisions. 🙂

Teething times two and Tantrums!

Her two top teeth are breaking through the skin. Just typing that, I cringe in pain. The great thing about teething is that I can blame all her fussiness, nose-running, diaper rashes etc on this…. Sure.

So, teething tabs to the rescue. First, let’s read the label…Ahhh “Natureopathic” OK. Should work, right?


OK.. now we are ready for church.

IMG_3480No fussy baby allowed. Our usual routine is to arrive for the singing and partake in the melodies! Upon that, we get to meet and greet and Tatum can practice her, “HI!”

The smile….. Little does she know we are going to ATTEMPT the infant nursery. IMG_3481

To my chagrin…..She lasted about 1 minute and then literally screamed her head off until I came. She is used to her friends at Temple Chai (her daycare) but not at City of Grace yet! ….so, I rescued her and we retired to the “Serenity” room. They have a screen and couches. While “listening” I can play with her on the floor. Curious Tatum covers the perimeter of the room and scopes it out. She is reaching for the staaaaa…ok, not so much…the knob.


The English Teacher’s Halloween

How should an English teacher dress for Halloween? A Part of Speech of course!
The best one is the “connector!” Sure! It has such a vital role, yet unappreciated. Now, the noun and verb are the main parts of a sentence, but how about the conjunction? More importantly, the coordinating conjunction? It fills the relational role of bringing clauses and phrases together!

What are the cc’s? FANBOYS!
for and nor but or yet so



Impossible to Price

For Halloween, we were stumped what to do for Taters. She does not care for head gear and putting a costume on her gave me a stomach ache. Putting her clothes on in the morning alone is an unwelcome endeavor. So…..my mom sewed a “Priceless” patch on her onesie and VOILA! This is perfect. This one word communicates so much. 🙂