Tatum teaches, and God affirms

Tatum loves to turn her bedroom into a classroom. Today was MLK Jr. Day, and I had to work (in her room usually) while she taught. So, I guess we were both teaching!

Hopefully her kids were paying close attention.

Each night, we are having our “God conversations,” and we are currently talking about the existence of life and how it couldn’t have happened by chance. For example, if we were farther away from the sun (just by a teeny amount), water would turn to ice etc. It is all so finely tuned. We also talked about the Lego builder in the sky. (GOD!) Legos don’t just construct on their own. They need a builder. Right!? Hmmm….pretty good analogy.

Ok, she gets that.

Well, this morning, the moon was so very bright and there were TWO planets shining so bright. They were the only two visible lights in the morning sky which never happens! So, they must be very close.

I had to know and I found they are Venus and Jupiter.

Tatum was just in awe as was I. I see the hand of God in everything. We must look for these little miracles daily to stay  in an attitude of gratitude. 

God Conversations with Tatum

Sunday morning started out bright and early. Tatum came into my room with a load of books, her kids, and a chair. She was armed and ready to power through some Sparky! (Magic Bone books). I was on my chair reading the devotion, so it was fine with me although the quality of my “quiet time” was less than quiet. Ha!

After breakfast, I wanted her to get ready for church, but she was busily making a sign for me and for Doug. I couldn’t get mad at her for this.

You see, she wanted me to know, Mommy, I finally know how much you love me, and I wanted you to know that I know. 

Ok, melt. I see that with you playing ball and surrounding by hearts.

Well, all this is leading to our evening. I wanted to try a different tactic for our “Bible Study” each night. I want her to know how much she is loved by me but more importantly by her creator, God!

In this day and age, I am finding that there are so many life forces in our culture which will pull her away from God and from the truth of Him. I cannot do anything about the culture, but I can arm her with a reason for her faith. I can provide her with true evidence and the WHY behind what we believe. She believes what I believe right now, but she’ll come to a point where she is on her own with her own beliefs. If I can give her a strong defense for not only the existence for God but for our FAITH, then she won’t be so malleable when she is “in the world.” (which is inevitable and vital if we want to be LIGHTS in this world).

I figured we’d start having conversations about GOD instead of our strict Bible study. Our conversations would lead to looking up Bible verses, so we accomplish both goals. I found a book to help me too!

Tonight: Here was the question: If you didn’t even know about the Bible or someone came up to you and asked you this, what would you say. ….How can you tell that God exists just by looking at nature?

We talked for about 30 minutes about the beauty of nature and how could it be created by anything but God (Psalm 16:1) ? Also, how can you explain our conscience or LOVE? (Romans 2) We laughed a bit, but I think she got it. She even said, Now, mommy, a human could create this bear or this water bottle or this sock because God gave humans brains, but we couldn’t create a foot or another person! That would be crazy!

Tatum I think you get it. I wouldn’t have even thought to say that, so you are showing me that you are thinking this through.

Stay tuned for more God conversations with Tatum.

I love you sweet girl.

Buses and SWEET Blessings!

Today, Tatum’s class got to ride a city bus. They each got to drive and honk the horn.

She felt so big and important in the driver’s seat. Wouldn’t she love to be in charge!?

Later, I went into class to help and all the kids were playing with their buses. It was adorable!

Later, it was time to TASTE CAKE. Yes, I know, it’s a tough job, but we had to do it, ya know.

My dear friend Eva has a bakery in her home as she moved out of her store bakery. She offered to do our cake for us. WOW!

So, she had an assortment of cakes and fillings, and we went to town.

I think they are having a hard time deciding.

Eva, what are we supposed to do? It’s all so delicious!

We finally decided on a vanilla cake with fresh raspberry filling and butter cream frosting for the bottom cake. Oh my, all was fresh and no fake stuff. REAL! I didn’t even have a tummy ache after all the cake I ate.
The top layer will be gluten free with custard filling and butter cream frosting. It doesn’t even taste gluten free…seriously! Can I get an AMEN!?

So, as you can see we were sweetly blessed by this kindness from Eva and a good dose of perfectly pure cake and icing.

Thank you Mrs. Holman for a fun bus trip, and thank you, Eva for the kindness.

The growth! Yet the youth remains

This shirt she has had since she was 2. Tot is now 6! But she still loves wearing this shirt. I love the thought of keeping the young in us always. It’s so easy to lose that as we get older. She keeps me young, and she definitely remains joyful, curious and excited. All the things that keep us childlike.

What she is growing in is school. My goodness…she is exceeding in everything. 103% in spelling and she is the only one in her class who knows all her phonograms and is reading at a 2nd grade level.

She could still work on counting by 2’s, but when I asked her, she did know it to 20.

I’m so proud of her growth. However, I’m more pleased with her maturity yet playfulness. The playfulness is only getting stronger as she LOVES to play and can for hours.

Coti, sure does love being with her.

And I love her presence even more every day.

Happy Birthday Austin

He’s turning 21! I know Doug can’t believe it, as it has happened in a wink of an eye. I wanted to see Austin, and I knew the only way to get to see him would be to take him to dinner with his girlfriend, Alexa.

Tatum couldn’t wait, and I couldn’t either. I want to get to know him, and I know that will come in time. He is on the right path of working and hopefully going back to school.

So, we decide to take him to Humble Pie since they have something for everyone.

Tatum made him a card, and this made him beam from ear to ear. She was so glad to give him his smiley cake.

Then, I was next with some gift cards.

Tatum was so happy to get to spend time with Alexa….

We love you, Austin.

May you thrive in your next chapter.

I need more Mommy

See this picture?

It’s Tatum’s teeth! She had fallen off the scooter last week and chipped her one adult tooth up front. Well, we’ll deal with it after braces. Not to worry now.

However, look at this crowded mouth!

This is my life right now. (Doug’s too BTW). It’s crammed full of work, wedding planning, moving planning, remodel planning, parenting, financial stuff, etc etc. It’s busy!! Like Tot’s mouth.

Well, today, I did not accomplish my dreaded list. In fact, I fell behind because I was so bloody tired from lack of sleep. Tatum did not like me not being fully present. She made it clear to me that when we were at the piano lesson, I was not “right there next to her.” Then when we did homework, I was just sitting there not doing my cheerleader moves as usual. We didn’t play a game. And, I chose to talk to mama a bit when she needed me. She balked, I need more mommy!! I don’t even want to go to school

Oh, Tot. We had a nice chat about how I can’t always be ON and sometimes, I just need some compassion from her. We need to forgive and take care of each other and lift each other’s burdens. She is learning this, but I did tell her I’m so sorry that she felt ignored by me. It wasn’t my intention.

Tot, no matter what, you’re always in my heart. That is why I make sure you always get a love note in your lunch. I’m with you always, even when I’m not physically present. (And guess who else is? JESUS. ALWAYS, but HE IS PHYSICALLY PRESENT). So, Tatum go to Him when you feel something is missing. He’ll fill those empty places. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to be there for you whenever you need me.

I need you too, Tatum. You’re my special gift, blessing and light. I love you to pieces.

Sparkly new EARS!!!

After about 6 months of asking to get her ears pierced, I finally agreed. Santa brought her some pretty earrings, and we scheduled the big day!!!

It was today, Friday, the last day of her vacation. Brandy, our hairdresser, said she would do it since she is an expert in this area. Perfect!

Tatum has been patiently waiting for weeks, and now with it being here, she is so excited. Brandy texted me early to say she had a cancellation so we could come in at 11:30. DONE! We arrived with so much anticipation!

Brandy showed us some choices of earrings of stainless steel, and we picked the crystal balls. They were sparkly just like Tot! Perfect!

She put a little dot on each ear and asked me if they looked even.

Now we are ready! Tot held my hand. OH, I must say that Brandy previewed everything with Tatum with such grace and honor! I was so impressed. Tatum wasn’t even scared. OK, ready!

Right after, she looked …..waited….and then…………..

Oh, my….That hurt mommy!!! Brandy asked her if she wanted to wait. She said NO WAY and the next one was done…boom!

OK, you’re brave kiddo.

Not so happy at the moment, but just wait, folks. When she sees her sparkly ears, she’ll be beaming too.

OH, yes!!

Thank you, Brandy!

Brandy was as gentle as a dove.

Then, after a LARGE mint to suck on and get some sugar to the brain, she could think. Wow! These are awesome! Now, she was perma-grin.

When we got home, are you still excited?

OH yes, mommy! I love them!

Later on, it was time to get something cool to eat and celebrate her bravery.

Brandy even texted us,” We told everyone how brave she was!”

I feel great about the decision now that I see how she is handling it. We’ll be doing the 3-week plan to keep them clean and sanitized. I’m so proud of you Tatum, my light, my sparkly gal. I love you! Thank you, Brandy!!!