Should I worry?

Apparently, Tatum has a boyfriend. Huh? She has moved on from Jacob since now he’s in the 1 -year old room. Today, when Will saw she had arrived, he vigoruously crawled toward Tatum with a big toothless smile. She came toward him with her big blue eyes, and he was pleased. Then, she accidentally bumped the floor and began to cry. Will carefully placed his little hand on the small of her back. Oh my….IMG_3147 IMG_3148

Tatum’s learning her grammar

Pull; push

Slide to the left; slide to the right

Put it in; take it out

Her abilities continue to surprise me. Yesterday, she figured out which hexagon goes into the correct cup. There are 9 nested cups, and she is testing the sizes. It is adorable to watch her gurgle sounds while she figures it out.

IMG_3134 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 IMG_3138

The  goal is for her to stay focused on the task, and I find she tends to be focused on EVERYTHING else around her. I wonder where she gets that?? Hmm….  So, we are helping her try until she succeeds.

My mom is such a HUGE help to her, because I feel so ill-equipped in teaching her these fundamentals. When I am with her, I tend to entertain her and help her stay HAPPY! Mom helps me be patient with her and SHOW her HOW to do whatever the task at the moment may be. She has a plethora of “teaching toys” which are full of inherent skills like push, pull, in, out, up, down etc. This ranges from blocks to puzzles to things with wheels. (thank you MOM!! 🙂 I can tell that this is the time when she can truly develop some great habits. Perhaps the brain is making those connections right now so when she CAN do something, she can build on that. Yesterday, she actually PULLED the beads apart on her own. Now, if she could just get the little square person in the little square hole. One verb at a time!


Just what the Dr. ordered!

Waiting in a pediatrician’s office for 30 minutes requires much creativity. I literally had her bag on the bench as she attempted to pull out all of the items as we waited patiently for Dr. Sotelo. She grabbed the Girls Rule book that a friend gave me. Perfect! She dived inIMG_3118 IMG_3123to attempt to read taste it!

Whew! He showed, and we learned…How is Taters at 9.5 months??

She is only 16.8 lbs. This is about 15%ile. Now, her height??? Teeny girl! She is only 25.8 inches which is in the ONE %ile!!
It is time to venture out and give her meat now; what this looks like is now in a baby food jar. In a couple weeks, I can give her “table food.” I am supposed to know what this is. He says just give her bits of food. Huh? Bits of what? I need details. So, I am off to see a “day’s diet” for a 10 month year old.
Tonight, we tried sweet potato with chicken (compliment the Earth’s First chefs!) and she loved it. Add a few green bean pure ala Gerber, and you have a great meal. So, tomorrow? It’s time to shop the baby meat section. Sounds like an oxymoron.