Working so hard!

She works all day, that little Tatum. She starts the day with LaLa’s and MaMa’s. I’m a sucker for this…

IMG_3843This along with “Hiiiieeeeee” when prompted by a wave from another. This “Iiiieeeee” accompanies her want for crushed ice pieces! Yep, she loves these little popsicles and claims it when she sees me sip a drink. So her brain buzzes with moving neurons the minute her eyes open, but this is trumped by her body wanting to GO!!! Put me down, Mom!IMG_3844

The second she is put down…..BAM! She’s off! Freedom! Then, to a stand; one mississippi; two mississippi…step..Kaboom! She’s so close! But, we celebrate that step anyway…clap clap clap

I realized I was not feeding her enough calories because she switched to milk which has far less calories than formula; but this particular day, she just wanted to sleep. IMG_3837

As said before, she works so hard, that little Tatum!


Hard working, hard sleeping, and hard smiling! 🙂