Reminder of His Love

It’s been a tough few weeks, I must admit. Tough because Tatum has been sick off and on (more on than off) and with the house in remodel mode (which includes a myriad of obstacles that come with disorder in house), I’m truly spent.

Coming out of Christmas was so refreshing because Tatum finally was getting better. She’s exhibiting her adorableness in her mutterings of “baba, mama, lala…”…etc. Plus, her wobbling as she attempts to take steps is so cute! She’s so close! The bottle (and of course her bear, Coti’s ball and her blankie are close seconds) and all start with B! Baba…

IMG_4048  IMG_4040

My heart just overflows as I watch her enjoy her little attachments. It shows me that she has a big heart as well and loves to love! What a wonderful quality; the ability to pour out love and to love another. She also is attached to me which (I admit) warms my heart. The nice thing is that she recovers quickly and jumps right back into her playing. This is showing her resilience, I hope! So coming back to school this week was difficult. Dropping her off at Temple Chai, although l adore the place and the people, she did not want me to leave her 🙁 BUT, what made it all better?
Marla. Thank you Marla! Tatum is now in the 1-year room with Alex, Will and Malea, and she is thriving in there! Marla is so good with the kids. I can walk away knowing she is in wonderful hands.

The week was going swimmingly as I was accomplishing my work, getting caught up, knowing Tatum was doing great, and the house was getting finished. Then, 3:30, Wednesday, Marla called to tell me Tatum threw up twice and has a fever of 100! WHAT!? Not again. So, she is home today with my mom (THANK YOU MOM!!)

This brings me to a needed reminder of his love. This morning when I awoke, I had a million things to accomplish before I left for work. Of course, I had to get ready, but more importantly, I had to make sure Tatum’s food was ready for the day; that she had somewhere to play in the house since my mom can’t carry her very easily; that all of her needs were taken care of before I left, basically. Plus, I had to get Coti fed and walked. Nothing was easy because I also am getting a cold, so I feel like a bus hit my body. As I walked outside with Coti on leash, my head was down and my mind was racing with tasks tasks tasks…I then looked up and saw it. It was the most gorgeous sunrise filled with a prism of red, purple and pink colors. WOW! It was such a reminder of not only HIS providence and power, but His love. He made this beautiful sky, and He loves us so much to paint it for us. I needed to focus on THIS and not ME and MY problems.

Do I focus on what is good; what is pure; what is lovely; what is righteous? Or do I focus on the negative. It’s a choice….every day.