Really Refreshed!

She never would touch water. The look on her face when I gave her a baba full of icy cold water would kill a cat. She’d spit it out and give me that look like, “Where is the flavor, mom?” What is more appealing, however, then is someone else’s baba!? Yes, mommy’s. This happens to be her favorite drink: whatever mommy is drinking! Water wins. IMG_5792 IMG_5793 IMG_5795

AAAAAH…Delicious! Mommy got a few drops of her refreshingly cold water, but it was worth it to watch her enjoy every drop.

Moreover, the only way I could help her enjoy this new block building toy, was to enjoy building it myself and watching it fall. Tatum cannot possibly be left out of what is going on, (wink wink, I figured this out in my reverse psychological mind) so I did it first. Then, she wanted to build upon the blue. I had her name each color as she placed the block on top of each other. IMG_5800She had to stand on her tippy tippy toys to reach the top RED one!IMG_5801And VOILA! Masterpiece!IMG_5798

Thank you to our servants

The brave men and women who have served this country: Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for caring more about us than you did about your lives.

Tatum and I headed to the park to catch the end of a celebration for Veteran’s Day. While there, we met with dear friends and played.


The sunset welcomed us with its pink tones as we headed home. IMG_5790


Listening with ears that hear

This word conjures up many images. It would be so much easier if we could perk up our ears when we are truly listening to what is being said to us.

IMG_5762Well, before you can be heard, you have to be able to speak what is in your heart. Tatum has no problem voicing her opinion to me. She also can identify her feelings based on happy/no happy. This suffices for now. At this point, if she breaks down and cries, I probe and probe and LISTEN. She also responds with her attempt to explain. Then I can hopefully find out why she is “no happy.”

Moreover, she does listen to me constantly with her ability to mimic what I say. (This keeps my speech from being non-edifying!) To hear her hear me is also incredibly rewarding as she is picking up words that I did not know she even could say.


She continues to build on her current speech with new adjectives and an attempt at verbs.
IMG_5766 IMG_5780 IMG_5782

Tatum is happy; no, her mommy strives each day to make sure she is secure, safe, significant, and so loved. If that can make her happy, then I AM HAPPY.


She just brightens my day. IMG_5740 IMG_5741 IMG_5742 IMG_5743Dearest Tatum…

There are no words to describe the love I have for you. Each day you show new ways of being you. You show that YOU have an opinion, a voice, and a personality. Uniquely your own. If I try to force you into anything, it backfires (unless it involves your safety), so I allow you to feel the choice and make it, making it fun for you. That could mean when I try to dress you in the morning, I put your pants on my head, act like I’m having trouble, and then you can come to my rescue and show me how to put them on YOUR legs. Next thing you know, with gusto and determination, you are dressed.

IMG_5744When I least expect it, you share with me a new word, converse with me with passion, and tell me, “Tata happy, mommy happy?” I reply, “Mommy happy.”


Gallery of Tatum

Every Saturday, Tatum has been going to a “Twosy Doodler” class with the Parks and Rec. Today was the last day of the first session, so I thought I’d celebrate her art with creating a gallery. IMG_5734

She may have had a wee-bit of help from her mommy (i.e. holding the brush with her, helping with the glue, placement of the object help….)…but in the end, Tatum did it herself. The joy is in the discovery of the mediums we used.

IMG_5730Who knows if she will be the next Mimi in the family, but at least she has “art!” 🙂


Make no bones about it!

That’s right. Tatum is ready to share this day with all of us…


She is absolutely the most enjoyable child lately (more than usual). Some say the “Terrible Twos” exist. Perhaps they do, but perhaps it’s how you handle them. I’m for working with each uncomfortable moment she experiences and talking her through it. Moment: She express her concern/frustration. I affirm it and discuss why, and she thinks and responds. Her maturity to think with me and respond with her choice is apparent.

Not only did she enjoy the mini-pumpkin she received from Musicology class, but she discovered the music book that has been sitting in her bookshelf for a year. This is a piano for dummies (ME:) Each key has a number and coincides with a note in the story like Three Blind Mice and Jack n’ Jill. This elementary book does  not make me look like I’m completely ignorant when playing music.

IMG_5723She may not be able to make melodic music quite yet, but she does know how to make a salad! She handed it to me nicely sans a bowl. I know.. it still tastes the same except for the need for dressing. 

IMG_5721After that, this adorable body of bones was ready to hit the streets. We decided to take the glow-in the-dark little Tatum to a few houses with a treat. We gave them a green apple and the neighbors gave us a laugh and a smile.

IMG_5717 IMG_5716 IMG_5715

Make no bones about it, this Friday was not just any Friday: It was Tatum’s last Halloween before she is a toddler. Hard to believe. Wow.