Sophisticated Palate!?

Was I to enter the land of oval shaped breaded chicken wads or chemically-colored orange goldfish? Or, could I possibly make that piece of broccoli actually taste delicious? Maybe my daughter might like a pea pod or a cucumber slice if I could just override the green, crunchy, not so fancy effect of the  veggie.

It would be a challenge, but I was up for it.

Trader Joe’s has become my Disneyland. IMG_6407I

It’s not hard to find something healthy there, but more importantly, tasty! What I have found is that if you can mix the veggies with something like hummus, spinach/kale dip (mixed with greek yogurt), or guacamole..mix it with a  bit of salsa, you have a great BASE for any veggie concoction. You name it…steamed broccoli, peas, cucumbers…the list is endless.

Add some spiced chicken (which I broil every week) or a Smart Dog…and you have a meal!
She also loves the Kabocha squash, which adds a bit of sweet to the savory.

IMG_6404 IMG_6402

Ok, she really is like this when she eats. Having a blast.’s broccoli.

Snacks!? NO problem here either: Chips like these:IMG_6405..are darn tasty! OR…

Fruit in a bag. Messy? NOPE! It’s freeze dried, and if you live in Phoenix, that is a bonus. Everything needs to be temperature friendly, or it melts/rots/stinks. These rock the casbah!IMG_6413 IMG_6412So, I’m just having fun watching her enjoy good food. Good tasting and good for her. Cookies? Sure. Treats are just that…treats. She will have her share of these, and I don’t want to make any food forbidden. However, if she can eat the non-chemically treated food, she may just like the real stuff better! 🙂