Counting up!

How many stairs DO we have? Well, why not find out the old fashioned way? Let’s number them. It’s a fun way to learn her number and get some exercise in as well. (for me that is; someone has to put them on the steps!)IMG_1131 IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136 IMG_113717. We needed to get to 20, so we made a road to her room.

Imagination, Design, Experience, Art.

There’s a museum for that! It’s called the I.D.E.A museum, and oh does it live up to its name. When you first walk into the museum, there are multiple sized xylophones to bing and bong. It is tough to just get inside because these are so inviting.IMG_1048IMG_1050

When Doug, Tot and I arrived, we first discovered socks were needed for the “art” room. This was more like a tumble, rattle and roll around room. Not impressed here. However, Doug built, Tot climbed through and plopped down the blocks that Doug built. Just like the story says…they definitely needed to be built of stone and not cushions!IMG_1044

Next stop, the recycle art center. They have bins and bins of plastic scraps, egg cartons and water bottles. I attempted to make an aerodynamic race car with an egg carton part and plastic Downey lids, and to no avail…well, no strong glue..FAIL. Doug and Tot, however, cranked out a supersonic rocket made out of a paper towel roll. Who knew these could be so useful!?IMG_1047Then of course we had to add to our scrap fun by making something out of glitter glue, felt, popsicle sticks and confetti scraps.

IMG_1076It was hard to hide that RIGHT BEHIND us there was…the iPad invasion. Yes, many little seat with opportunities to draw. I said, “Two minutes” because Tot took to this like white on rice. What is it about these darn machines?IMG_1058There was one cool part of the museum where they have an iPad set up in front of a “scene.” You create action figure legos, and then make a movie with the iPad. You pick the music etc..Then RECORD! She just wanted to hit the Music buttons.

Finally, I convinced her that we had to go have tea with the Mad Hatter.

IMG_1074 IMG_1073 IMG_1064 IMG_1061I was lucky that I wore my glow in the dark electrified fluorescent shirt! We looked simply radioactive..and we even saved Humpty Dumpty.

We barely scratched the surface of this treasure of a place, as we just touched the surface of the train exhibit. We are definitely going back to make art out of scraps, dine with Alice, build a train or two, and just have some creative fun.

Thanks for taking pictures, Doug!


Full Circle day

She works so hard helping me each day. From carrying my spaghetti squash

IMG_1033and oh is it heavy…


to helping me in the kitchen. This child loves to chop, snap, stir, and especially shake. Spaghetti squash has its own delight in the fact that it is strings you actually eat. After enjoying lunch and winding down ready for nap. (she’s yawning and falling asleep)… I know it’s going to be a good one. However, I leave the room and the party starts. What happens from all of this new excitement and playing to the max is this comfortable position:

IMG_1042After this it was time to hit the festival. Speaking of “max” (in the blue), we had a great time seeing him at the Train Park Festival this weekend. Mary Jo and I marvel at how much our kiddos love to push buttons. They make the trains go. Talk about control freaks!

IMG_1040 IMG_1038We made a full circle through our day of winding up and down, it was time to do the actual up and down in a circle!


Love this kiddo!


Zoo-rific day with Mama

Seriously a beautiful day. The zebra was munchingIMG_1025

Mama and Tatum rode Dale the camelIMG_1023

Half-ear, the Rhino was thirsty (she is named after her ear which is missing half!). We found out her friend passed, and they will not get another rhino. Her lifespan is only 30 years, and she is nearing the end. IMG_1017

The giraffe reached high as Tatum requested me to draw one for her wall.

IMG_1013And that inspired her to wear him home.IMG_1027Zooooooorific!



Happy Birthday Kelly!

To prepare for the big event, Tatum napped on the BIG girl bed. She felt so noble!

When the clan arrived, she immediately ran to James. She did not leave his side all night long. “James, come see my blah blah blah; James, do you like my blah blah blah? etc..”

IMG_1001Then the moment arrived. The birthday song:

Tatum belted out the tune while mom played the piano. I of course played the air drums.

IMG_1003Present time was special as Nyla and Kelly both received some Michael Kors gift cards. At least we could subsidize the handle to the purse with those prices!

IMG_1006Finally, James showed Tot some golf videos and Levi entertained us on the Ukelele. The boy has uke talent among many other talents!IMG_1007 IMG_1009

All in all, a fun-filled evening with family!




Freedom is so comfortable

D O G spells DOG. This is what I hear when she is “supposedly napping.” How did she get her little Mickey Mouse reader since it wasn’t in her crib? I leave it alone and don’t worry. Next, she shows up in my bedroom. How did you? What did you? How did you? AAH! You escaped!

It’s over.

I finally realize the crib years are done. Now, I am just hoping she will still honor our 2-hour quiet time.

So, the next day, I tell her, “Tatum, as you know, you are to nap at this time, but you may get out if you need to. I only ask that you stay in your room since mommy has to work. This is our quiet time; your time to be with YOU and my time to be with ME!” She agrees and honors our agreement beautifully. The only thing is that she refuses to be in her crib.

Oh well…no crib? I put her in and she gets right out! The cage has been unlocked, and will she be confined anymore? NO!! Eventually this freedom-excitement will wear off, but in the mean time, I find her on the floor…napping. Or..on the chair..napping. No crib, thank you very much!

This apparently is much more comfortable.


The crib here is merely a place to put in whatever she can find to put in there!IMG_3766

For now, it’s so much more fun to be free from this confinement. IMG_0973

Freedom is so comfortable. (and so is no clothes!)