The Day…The WHOLE DAY!

It was from 5:30am until 7pm with no break. Now, that is the usual drill with the Tot, but today, Sunday, it was her and me all day long with nobody else and also: NO NAP/QUIET TIME. Dumb? You be the judge.

We began the day getting ready for church with the daily shenanigans of do you want to wear this or that; do you want to brush your teeth now or even five minutes; can I have my phone back now etc..Breakfast with the funny paper and more shenanigans in the kitchen with Coti and can I have a taste of this and that, another taste of this and that, more of this and that, and can I have your this and that? etc..

After church, I decided to take her to the Christmas puppet show including the party with Santa. It was to be a surprise. Kids were e..v..e…r..y…w..h…e..r..e! We decided to go into the craft room and make a reindeer puppet.IMG_1782 IMG_1778 IMG_1779Tatum stuck close to me and even sat on my lap for the whole show. I was so proud of her ability to sit still for one hour and not move. The others? Not so much. The five vignettes for Christmas were excellent and even depicted the Christ child! Hooray, it was no all about Santa.

After the show, Santa showed up, and she wanted to leave. She was to have nothing to do with this red jolly man, and I think she could tell he was a fake. So..we went in and found a Coti puppet!IMG_1785 IMG_1783 IMG_1784She just can’t get enough of him.

Hot cocoa and cookie time, and guess who was first in line for this? I showed her the secret to a delicious cookie and cocoa combo. The big DUNK. Oh what have I done?IMG_1786On the way home, I realized that I was exhausted. She had sucked it all out of me and we had like four hours left before bed. I had to make a way to have a moment of just peace, but to no avail, I was snatched by her adorableness and singing at the top of her lungs. A bit annoyed and frazzled, I finally got to sit in her room and just watch without having to fetch something for her or turn on the light or help her go potty etc…
Looking back a day later, I’m realizing how blessed I am to just have the time with her. I will never take it for granted.


Proud Gymnast Mommy

Sometimes I wonder if she is learning anything. And then…I see!

It was the day to showcase what they had learned since September. Alton, Avery, Tatum (the other one!), Gavin, Ashna, and Tot all showed their stuff today. The other girls sported a leotard, but my Tot was a tad chilly, so instead was bundled up nice and warm. It may have inhibited her movement but she still did so well. 

Their warm up is usually 15 minutes, but today, we got a taste of the 5 minute version. Tot followed along very well, but she did keep looking at me! (are you watching, Mommy?)
IMG_1740 IMG_1739

They then each had the floor to themselves for a solo. Tatum jumped and bounced and balanced and twirled..and just wowed me over. At the end, she got a purple medal and Taina was proud!

The whole class did so well and was so darn CUUUUUUTE!


Thank you Taina and parents! We love SGT!

Do you see what I see at Christmas?

I see my two cuddle bugs. 
IMG_3869I see my favorite mom to my future son in law if things go according to plan.


I see a shopped-out Tot lugging the gifts she is to keep secret from her mommy thanks to Doug.


I see Tatum, not sitting on Santa’s lap, but telling him all about the penguins in his story book. She’d rather talk than have lap time. Fine with me; he’s a bit spooky looking to me too. But he sure was jolly!IMG_1705I see a happy (Hi mom!) family (sans Coti who’d be chasing Olaf, Rudolph, or Woodstock!)  ready to embark on the light show at the train park. (Note: Hot chocolate does the cold fingers good!)


I see a scared Tot who wanted nothing to do with this life sized bunny otherwise known as Bugs. Who names their bunny Bugs, and why is he so big? (note to self: must show Looney Tunes)IMG_1730And finally, I see a tired Tot at the end of a fun day. 


My heart. She looks me right in the eyes, and says, “Mommy? I love you.” 
IMG_5108To feel loved from a child; this is a new feeling of awe and satisfaction. It’s like you spend so much time investing into your child, and then all of sudden, one day, you FEEL loved. It’s unlike any other feeling. I know that Jesus loves us with all that HE is, and the love from a child is the manifestation of this love. It’s all from her heart and from her soul.

I melt daily being with my girl. It’s ALL worth it.

Uncomfort Zones can be good

The comfort zone of home is disrupted when the routine is changed. It is only in that time when one realizes how much is dependent on each second being taken with some sort of activity. This is not to say that all is planned at home with the Tot, but each minute is spoken for when Tatum is ruling the roost. Her presence is hard to ignore or and is hard to deny!

Today was different. I have traveled before just for the day, but I have not left for an overnight trip since she was a baby. I created “shifts” so she was not buckled to one person for two straight days. Thank goodness Doug could step up and take her shopping and back to his house to build a nativity scene. Supposedly there were some secrets taking place, but I did not feel left out in the least. Nope..not in the least. Not in the teeny tinniest bit. None. hmphIMG_1721 Then, Gabby would come in to ring in the evening. Cupcakes sure help take her mind of mommy. Especially one with an elephant and giraffe? I’m feeling outdone!IMG_7017

Now, there’s the my side here in New Orleans. I walked into my room, plopped down my bag, opened the shades, and sat down. What now? Ok, well, I’ll check out the pool. Mmmm…ok, no, it’s not heated, so perhaps the workout room. Not yet. I needed to just take in the quietness. I did sit down to work for a minute and have a bite. I had something in my bag since after looking at the room service menu, uuuhhhh, I did not think creole soup for $20 would be that good!? Or would it? If it was to be that good, I better venture out of the Hilton. Anyway, it was weird not having ANY interruptions except the sound of traffic from the window and vacuums cleaning the rooms next door.

I decided to call the Tot, tell her I loved her, and then find what the heck is around this place. It’s near the airport, so McDonalds is as good as it gets. Perhaps there will be a cajun Big Mac? Probably not.

It’s still early in the evening, and I miss the Tot, Doug, and my “comfort zone,” but honestly, for one night, getting out of the routine is a bit refreshing however “uncomfortable” it may be.

Gotta go through my presentation AGAIN! Coming home soon Tatie Tots! XOXOXO


How Big is a Million?

Today, we received a lovely gift from my friend Jocelyn. T


At the end of the book, it has a pullout poster to picture what a million stars in the sky looks like. IMG_1694 IMG_1695When we were finished with the book, I reminded her that God made this sky for her to enjoy and dream about when she wonders if there is anyone out there!? YES!

As I pondered this book and what a million could be, I realized God’s power. I think has parents, we all have moments of fear when we wonder what our child’s future could be? Then, I am reminded of this principle of God’s love is so much bigger than we could imagine.

But, I’m also reminded of the law of sowing and reaping. This law is true in the natural world, but it’s also true in the spiritual world. “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” (Luke 6:37-38) This basically is telling us that we must continue to GIVE OUT what we would want in return and in abundance. Love? Give it out in abundance. Grace? Give it out in abundance. Forgiveness? Give it out in abundance. 

For Tatum, we begin every single day with a  devotion and a prayer. Then we have many moments in our day when we discuss the application of the WORD. Middday, we read books and talk and sometimes pray. Before bed, we pray for other and play Bible songs. It’s one big cycle every day, and it is now a habit we have sown together. However, it falls in deaf ears if all we do is talk about it and don’t live it. This MILLION star poster is a visual reminder of the LOVE God has for us, and now WE SHOW IT BACK to HIM and to others. It’s just that simple.


Mom, you need a snack

She must have seen I was a bit stressed with much to do during her “nap time.”

At 2:00, she used to nap, but now she pronounces that she will not sleep but will play. Fine, I say, just so you leave me to work in my room, and you can play in your room (for the goal till 4:00). It seems to work most of the time, but usually, she comes to visit me for a moment concerned about my well being.

Today, she brought me a snack, and then asks for the usual ‘last hug and kiss.’

IMG_1688 IMG_1687

“Mom, you’ll love my shake. You just need to drink it with a straw.” Good thing those legos have delicious flavors.

Kind child. Now, go back to your room, as I say with a smile.