Hopping to a Puppet Show

Easter is upon us and so is the opportunity to learn about the famous bunny who brings us baskets full of goodies. I’ve been attempting to teach Tatum about who is this famous bunny along with how it plays into the resurrection. I don’t want to take out the ‘fun’ of it all, but I do want her to understand WHY the whole darn thing exists! Just like Santa, we keep it all in perspective. So, I took her to the Easter bunny puppet show at our favorite Puppet Theater in downtown Phoenix. She couldn’t wait!
More importantly, it was a day after her big flu, so she was definitely ready to  be well and wear her new purple flip-flops to boot. (hey, she’s a girl, and it’s all about the shoes, right!?)

So we arrived to the theater right on time..


Got our seats…


And we proceeded to watch the show. The premise was that Sally, a little girl in Lost Canyon, AZ, was writing a letter to the Easter Bunny saying that she had NEVER gotten an Easter basket before. She did live in the boonies of AZ, so he must have forgotten her. The turtle mailman went to deliver the letter to the Easter Bunny, and he enlisted the help of Jack Rabbit, the cousin. Through the delivering of the basket, the bad guy, the Bobcat, stole the basket and then Jack was to recreate this nice basket from scratch. He enlisted his prairie dog and roadrunner friends, and they made lemonade out of lemons, making a whole new BETTER homemade basket for Sally. Jack went to deliver it to Sally, and the bobcat showed up again to steal it! Jack outran the little devilly bobcat as he was stuck by a cactus. Sally got her basket and all was happy on the Lost Canyon front.

Tot got to meet the puppets, but more importantly she waited her turn patiently while the other children stormed the puppets with gusto. Her patience paid off as she got a personal picture with Jack and the prairie dog. Kindness always wins..

IMG_2857 IMG_2859
We always have so much fun there! With no nap today, and our fun lasting all day, we ended with a swim and some fro yo.

More to come on our lessons about Easter… Stay tuned!

She may be small but she knows things

She knows enough to tell me that she felt terrible today. Even her “Artie Dootie Doo” shirt didn’t seem to help. Blah, mommy!

The prior evening, she woke me up countless times for various requests. “Mommy, the machine is too loud; mommy, my diffuser turned off; mommy, where is my baby; mommy, you forgot to do my nose; mommy”….NO!!!!!! (I would think). So after realizing she felt like a hot pocket, we spent the morning at the doctor. The waiting room was packed with coughing and sniffly kiddos. She told the nurse, “I’m drinking my water.” (cute!)

The nurse swabbed her nose, and when the doctor entered, he share that she tested positive for the flu. With a 102 degree temperature, I knew something was wrong. So….the gym was out of the question; the puppet show was  a no; play dates…nope. Plan B? MOVIES!

put on Veggie Tales Easter Carol for her, and it seemed to work for a bit. Her mood was not the same today, and all she wanted was to cuddle and read (which was wonderful) But….Poor Tot. 



She tried to crank out a smile, but no go.


There were many moments in the day, when she would cheerfully look at me and say, “I love you, mommy.” MELT. 

My child does know things, and she knows how to comfort herself when she feels awful. Baby!

Get well soon, sweetheart.


I found my green hat!

IMG_2845Actually, it was never lost! Going to Trader Joe’s today, Beth put it atop her head as we looked apparently ungreen. Tatum sported it for a while until….
IMG_2844it fell off.

And then, she put it spent the rest of the day on her baby’s head. Then, it was up to me to pinch her as much as possible.

Coti, Jesus is Calling!

Coti was held captive by Tatum’s reading of Jesus Calling, my devotional.

He did not really have a choice, so he decided to just listen. It’s a good thing she read the one about how all dogs go to heaven. IMG_2835Or did she just make that up?

These TWO and the ZOO

No, not the TWO eagles, although they were exquisite. They sat so regally atop their perch. Seriously the most beautiful bird.

And this is why they are here:


Then the TWO condors wowed us.IMG_2807 IMG_2808

The TWO mountain lions lounging..


And Tot moseying along. IMG_2811 IMG_2812

But, it was also not these TWO: The javelinas

Or…these TWO prairie dogs as they peaked out of their underground world.IMG_2820

Finally, it was not the TWO elephants who don’t seem to get along (one is in a separate quarter)


They just adore each other, honestly.

Coti, where are you?

Tatum and I searched all over for the little guy? Where did he go?
Then, I see this two eyes peering from under her bed. He would not come out!?

Sometimes, the ringtone on my phone text scares him, and I thought the new one was safe (it’s a choo-choo train), but apparently not!

Tatum crawled under her bed to comfort him.

Then she figured she’d stay under there with him and her baby.



Now, I have two rug rats under there. HELP!IMG_2795