Tatum’s Birthday Part I (among way too many parts)

Tatum becoming four started about six months ago. She’s almost four. Geez, it has gone from a whisper to a still small voice to a SCAAAREEEEEEAM the past few days. Why? Because it is here folks. She is nearer to four than ever!  At least the party part of becoming four.

We needed to get her all cleaned up for the big shindig, so I introduced her to her new towel. Yes, my little droid couldn’t wait to wrap herself up in this robotic splendor. Now would she unwrap to get into the tub?



Once clean, after literally an hour of bath time (which by the way was SO FINE with me since I had much to do before the party), she got herself all ready for the party. Well, she got out of the tub, actually and wondered what she’d wear. I reminded her it was SuperHero theme and she was going to be BatGirl. Of course!
I headed over to the park to set up, and Doug was to come over, pick her up, pick other stuff up, pick up the pace, and get all (and then some) over there by 4!

Doug bought some balls and playdoh for the kids (and balloons), and honestly I couldn’t have done it without all of his help.

IMG_4735 IMG_4733

Superhero gift bags for the kids equipped with mask and cape. IMG_4730 IMG_4728

 The arrivals began as Doug entered with all the goodies. Kelly and Nyla came and joined the fun first. 20161118_162001_resizedIMG_4738Next, Lori and Avery came.


It was time to pull out the soccer balls, but first….the arrival occurred. In a distance, there he was… Robert. He came with daddy Scott and Westin.

Robert came already dressed in his Superman gear, but in her book, he already is her Superman. Look at these two.
20161118_162137_resizedYou can have no fear knowing these two will fight all the bad guys.
20161118_162138_resizedTime for soccer
20161118_162251_resized 20161118_162254_resized 20161118_162256_resized 20161118_162258_resized

Cana came and we marveled at the kids playing and their fun masks and capes.
20161119_162711_resizedThen the rest started coming: Scott and Little Westin pose

Sharon (my dear friend)

Melissa, Ethan, Sophie, Gabby


Amy  (Jack eating ice cream)

Mark (Amy’s hubby) and my mom talked politics while Amy and I chatted

I joined them for a moment of silence to praise Trump’s victory. 20161118_165236_resized20161118_164532_resized

Then it was time for the CAKE!!

Mom made one and bought the other. SO AWESOME!
IMG_4949Mom surprised me with this one!


Then she made this one for Tot also! The rings were a hit. (which one do you think?????) IMG_6858

IMG_6869 IMG_6881 IMG_6882Delicious. (She’s thinking?)
After having a few bites (haha) of cake, Tatum had the other kind. Then, it was time for a present or two. Jason was worried about her liking his gift so he made sure she had a bit of a high before she opened it. UP she goes (he’s like 6’5′ or so feet tall!) ! It was so nice of him to come; Susan was home sick.

It was a hit! Paddington is always a hit. 20161118_173708_resized 20161118_173707_resized

Them Majo and William (with little Christian) came. They are such kind neighbors. IMG_6885

As we headed out, Tatum put her bears in Westin’s stroller since she wanted to hug Denise and Petro. They made a late entrance, but we were so grateful they came. 20161118_173828_resized20161118_174008_resized20161118_174006_resized
After the fist pumping, hugs and lots of love going around, we headed out. Wonderful Doug helped with the gifts. 

(did you catch this: The baby and Paddington were NOT with Tatum when we got home. Remember? WESTIN’S stroller!!?)

This saga is to be continued……

(OH, before I continue, the photographer (wonderful Doug, the best BF in all of the world) was in ONE pic): IMG_6889

Thank you to our Veterans!

I woke up to Tatum reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and telling me we needed to wear red, white and blue. She’s not even 4. Holy moly.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 6.02.14 PM

So, I took heed, got dressed and got ready for our fun day together. It was a special do to honor our country and our veterans, so we decided to make it a great fun-filled day.

First, as always, the Devotion (she calls it the “commotion”). We then took a quick visit to the gym where she recited more of the pledge, wowing the staff.

Then, we hit Einstein’s Bagels for some “O” so wonderful whole wheat delights with extra cream cheese. We always do activities with the walls. She counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13! That’s right, Tot, a dozen (baker’s style)


She loves this picture, especially the guy blowing the big “O”

IMG_4681IMG_4682I like the lady with the circley-bagel hair. Obsessed with the “O”sIMG_4686

Especially the edible ones.

Then we hit the PGA store. Why? I not only wanted to hit some balls myself, but I wanted to teach her a few swinging tricks. She had never seen me swing before, so after I swung, she yelled, “AWESOME!” She didn’t know I had a few skills. (Thank goodness she hasn’t seen a REAL golfer yet!)

I helped her set up.

She tried to then set up.


Ok, now take a swing, TOT!



We talked to Brad, my instructor on the way out, and he recommended some group Jr. lessons at the store in about a year. She’ll be ready!!! (And I’ll be ready to then take her on the greens.) Every time we drive by the courses, she now gets excited, and so do I! I think she’s just excited to ride in the cart.

We hit lunch at Panera on our way to Sportball. IMG_4693

She downed her turkey sandwich and apple as we studied the funnel lights (along with counting them).

Finally, after Sportball (they focused on basketball today), we headed home for some reading, playing, cleaning (for me), and playing with Coti.

I absolutely LOVE hanging out with my Tot ALL DAY LONG.

We ended the day with a special prayer for our Veterans. We’ll never understand or appreciate them enough.

Blessings all around.


Drillin and Chillin

She is now very creative with this toy she got on her LAST birthday. It is now a true hit.

Tatum has created a little chill area at her desk to work on her math skills too. It’s so fun seeing her grow and learn (and enjoying it herself!!!)IMG_4671

Momentous, Historic, and OH SO HOPEFUL

Not only being a parent, but as a conservative woman, I have been so down about the fate of our wonderful country.

Last night, however, there was a tremendous victory for all of us.

Not only did the Republicans take the House and Senate, but DONALD TRUMP, a complete outsider to politics (and one who cannot be “bought off”), has won the POTUS! That is right.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.45.27 AM

Tatum stayed up with me and celebrated. We watched this country VOTE NO on the corruption and destruction that has been occurring.

Praise Jesus and AMEN!

Snap Crackle Math!

Practicing has paid off. Tatum cannot stop snapping.
She was determined to learn a couple weeks ago. Now, it’s a daily regimen. I’m so impressed with her tenacity!

Today, we were at the train park, and through the megaphone at the carousel, she heard some music and started just snapping and dancing. She had the beat and the moves to match.
Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 6.07.17 PM

Later at Sportball, it was golf. Boy did she CRACK that ball into the air! CRRRRRAAAACK! She’s ready to hit the range with me; now, am I, is the real question!

Finally, these activity jars really teach some fun math skills.  Who would have thought these colorful shapes could serve a grander purpose. Good job TOT!