High five; I mean face

Yes, right in the face!
Samantha, one of Tot’s friends in her class, gave her a high five today, and she completely missed. It landed exactly on her forehead. Do you know how we know?

The paint from their hands gives it all away. The whole class was in stitches….well after all was sure there were no injuries!

Being a girl

It took me painting my toes to inspire Tot. Lately, she’s been content being a bit girly-averse. So…..red sparkly polish

When does it dry, Mom? 
Just flap your arms all around like a birdie. Next thing you know, voila! Pretty hands and feet. 

Our favorite Bible storybook

During Tatum and my quiet time, I heard Tot reading in her room. She does this often, but I figured I’d peak in since I heard her say, “Baby Jesus.” She is absolutely obsessed with Baby Jesus!

This particular Bible Storybook is absolutely beautifully and artistically drawn. It depicts the emotions of the characters in the Bible and makes you feel everything they feel. 

This occurrence happens often. I try to model reading the Bible for her, and we talk about Jesus and God all the time. In fact, she loves when I read anything about Jesus. My prayer is that her passion and log for Jesus continues to grow as does mine!

Finger lickin’ GOOD-BYE!!!!

Remember what we were dealing with??

These delicious two fingers.

Well, as you know, the dentist had recommended warned me that if she didn’t stop, her bite would be needing major surgery. $$$$$$.

And as you remember, we started the ceasing process. What incentive would she chose?

Drum roll…..

Yes, folks. A Peppa Pig backpack.

Now, she did not stop immediately. It was H.A.R.D! She thought she could stop, but each night, she went right back to her fingers. She would even hide it.

During the week, we received a card and pic from her dentist, Dr. “Vee.” This was a kicker!

Finally, I had to tell her that it had to come from her! She had to want to quit.
When she would stop, she’d be so proud of herself!!

It’s been 3 days since her last sucking. She just holds Baby to her lips and for her, that fills her need.

And there is much rejoicing with her new Peppa Pig backpack.

I’m so proud of her. She set her mind to it and accomplished a goal.

These two!

Coti and Tot. She throws the gorilla, he catches and she doesn’t let go. He drags her across the floor.


He would really appreciate it if she would let go. She would really appreciated it if he would let go!



Choices overload

Putting Tatum in school requires a whole lot of brain space. There are many different dimensions to consider.

First, there’s the aspect of what is the best choice for her needs for Preschool. I tend to work backwards. Where will she be going to college? High school? grade school? Kinder? Ok, not really, I’m more focused on where I want to put her in Kinder because where she goes is where I’d like her to stay through high school (if that is possible!) That means the choice for Kinder is driving much of my decisions. BUT, how can I know this so early in the game. More later on this topic.

That leads me back to next year with Pre-K. Now, she will be turning 5 in November which means she’ll be on the older side of Pre-K and then Kinder. They have the option at PFT for her to attend from 9-2:30/ 5 days a week. When I was offered this my heart fell into my stomach. It was a reminder that she could possibly be gone for most of the day! Is she ready for this? Shoot, am I ready for this? Gut says, NO WAY JOSE! But, it would be good for her in some ways. She’d receive science and Spanish in the afternoon.

Well, I am in the process of interviewing the teachers and praying a ton about what is best for her next year. I am also interviewing and touring schools for Kinder so I know what to be prepared for in 18 months. Here in AZ, there are a PLETHORA of choices! It’s ridiculous really but a huge blessing.

All this to say that I am experiencing choice overload. The different routes are all good, so picking the “best” one is really an unknown at this point.

So, I’m back to Pre-K and how LONG I want her to go. 4 days a week 9-12? 5 day a week 9-12? (She currently attends 3 days 9-12). Then do I choose 5 days 9-2:30?

Next, Kinder? What will I choose? The point is that this next year is the last year I have a choice to keep her with me for most of the day. I want to SAVOR that!

I have to put my needs aside, yes, but I do know that with this next year being the last opportunity to soak in Tot Time, I may opt for the 1/2 day.


Prayers will continue as these choices continue to evolve!